A quick update to address the onslaught of concerned questions regarding what will happen to us with the closing of the mall... 
We are being approached by dozens of awesome potential new spaces, wanting us to move in! So we don't expect to be down long, during this period of transition into a new home. Our brand is strong and so is our team and our community! We've got this!! <3

We'll have more updates soon as we narrow down who we want to sign an LOI with.

Thanks for all your continued love and support!! <3

20,000 square feet of Fandom!! 

With a constantly growing array of Comics, Toys, statues & Gaming on our Massive sales floor, local and International Art spotlighted everyday in the Transmetropolitan Gallery, and nearly 150 craft sodas, beers, wines, meads, ciders and themed mixed drinks to choose from and enjoy at the Offworld L.O.U.N.G.E; our enormous gamer's hang out, Come see for yourself what fans are calling 'The Greatest place ever built by man', 'A Wonder', & Absolutely Amazing."



We host a lot of parties, if you're interested in what's coming up...

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