About Loyalty Card Membership

Receive one stamp for every $10 spent, assigned to your card by an associate at the time of purchase, no rounding up. 

Ten stamps per card. Every time you fill a card, you get a monetary credit for bar or retail and you LEVEL UP!

Levels are 1-10. Levels 3 and up receive your choice of Drink or Comic* on top of the monetary credit for each Level. And Levels 7-10 also receive extra VIP perks! 

Once you reach level 10, you will get a VIP Card to enjoy your Level 10 VIP perks the rest of the year. Each Level Loyalty Card must be redeemed within 1 year of date received.


If lost, we have to restart you at level one… which is a bummer. So treat your card like cash and don’t misplace it!

A note on gift cards

If you purchase a gift card, the stamps are given to the purchaser of the gift card. Purchases made USING gift cards DO NOT receive stamps!

A NOTE ON store credit

STORE CREDIT CANNOT BE APPLIED TO LOYALTY PURCHASES. Only cash, Credit, and Debit sales can earn stamps.

Perks for each level:

 Choose between retail or bar perk. 

Level 1: Drink or Comic* 
Level 2: $10 credit for store or bar
Level 3: $10 credit & Drink or Comic* 
Level 4: $10 credit & Drink or Comic* 
Level 5: $15 credit & Drink or Comic* 
Level 6: $15 credit & Drink or Comic* 
Level 7: $15 credit & Drink or Comic* plus VIP perks
Level 8: $15 credit & Drink or Comic* plus VIP perks
Level 9: $20 credit & Drink or Comic* plus VIP perks
Level 10: $25 credit & Drink or Comic* plus VIP perks

*Free drink or comic of up to $5 value

Extra VIP perks for Level 7+:

>Priority line for meet and greets/exhibitions
>Priority entry and status for all applicable events
>Extra tier discounts during storewide sales events and on your Comic Subscription Service
>Exclusive end-of-year party for level 7-10 members

Each loyalty card must be redeemed within one year of date received. Limit of one Reward may be redeemed per day, Loyalty stamps are given for cash, debit, or credit card sales only. Store Credit or Trade transactions DO NOT APPLY.