Gods & Monsters is looking for a group of Marauders to scavenge the newly discovered, fully stocked VAULT 5421! Can you get the perfect raiding party together to search for much needed supplies, while avoiding tripping the defense systems, in this heavily secured shelter? If you think you’re capable enough for the job, enlist now through the booking system below. The stakes are high (as is everything in this post-apocalyptic landscape), but the rewards are great! (If you survive…)

TIME: 10 minute intro mission, 45-60 MINUTES of puzzle games + 20-35 minutes of bonus time

MIN. Players: 4
MAX. Players: 10-12

Choose from 3 difficulty modes, to find the play style most suited for your group’s enjoyment.

The Escape VAULT 5421 experience is 90 minutes total, with a 10 minute introductory mission followed by 45-60 minutes of escape puzzles, depending on the difficulty mode. Our synth bartender will also be on hand to serve you during your raid. You finish with 20-35 minutes of decompression time, to enjoy more drinks at the bar and our retro arcade games. 

$30 Ticket price includes 1 FREE drink selection per player!

This game contains some potentially scary elements and is Recommended for players 14+. Minors must be accompanied by an adult.

FOR alcoholic beverages, you must be 21+ with valid ID required at check in.

For more information, or to book a smaller private game or book a group of 9+ players, please call us at 407.270.6273 or email info@godmonsters.com



  1. Kristal’s Krew - 40 minutes 58 seconds (1 clue)

  2. PRINCESS PHIL - 44 MINUTES 40 SECONDS (2 clues)